SAP implementation

Rollouts for International Companies
Business process excellence means clear strategy implemented through flexible processes facilitated by manageable information systems. In SAP world business process excellence is achieved through establishing business process templates and rollout them to the subsidiaries. For every international company rollout a corporate SAP template developed by a headquarter to a subsidiary means getting flexibility of its global processes, easy and transparent reporting procedures, huge savings on investments.
Since every SAP template should be localized to reflect both requirements of a global company and expectations of local management a rollout is not a simple task.  In addition companies operating under US GAAP or IFRS in Russia face strict financial and tax legislation which covers every aspect of financial accounting and organization of underlying processes in purchasing, production and sales.
We consider international rollouts as a complex project aimed to align processes and techniques of accounting between a subsidiary and a headquarter with limited modification of SAP template. To implement parallel accounting and reporting under US GAAP \ IFRS and RAS we are able to deliver:

  • Development of local accounting and tax policies aimed to minimize differences between US GAAP and RAS.
  • Development of local chart of accounts based on RAS, IFRS \ US GAAP, profit tax requirements.
  • Mapping of corporate and local chart of accounts.
  • Localization of corporate templates in MM, SD, PP, CO-PC to legal requirements.
  • Implementation of legal accounting and tax reporting based on Russian Add-On and a wide range of know-how and proven solutions.