When introducing information systems, one should not get carried away and forget about the goal by which we all understand the optimization of business processes, leading to an increase in the return on equity and the market value of the company.

Solving the problems of introducing information systems, the company is faced with two subject areas. The first, technical, is represented by a variety of programs, products and tools. The second, methodological, is determined by accounting standards (PBU, IFRS, US GAAP) and established in practice management methods. These areas are represented by different people, different terminology, and often different visions.

We have developed a comprehensive training program in financial accounting and business management, taking into account the technological capabilities of SAP. The purpose of its creation is to reveal the interrelationships of progressive concepts of management and accounting presented in IFRS, International valuation standards, ACCA materials and technical solutions based on SAP. In the offered courses, we focus on the experience of leading domestic and foreign companies and the latest technological achievements of SAP AG. Courses are delivered by practicing SAP consultants, methodologists and auditors in Russian and English.