About company


We help companies to improve their management information systems based on implementation of best practices and individual creative solutions in strategy, business processes and information systems. We are oriented on companies implementing or operating under SAP software.


  • Localization of progressive financial and management accounting techniques for their implementation in Russian companies based on SAP products.
  • Localization of corporate SAP templates of international companies aimed to achieve efficient organization of their operations under corporate and local requirements.
  • Development of efficient and reusable solutions aimed to improve efficiency of accounting and reporting under different standards including US GAAP \ IFRS, RAS, profit tax.
  • Delivery of professional education in progressive financial and management accounting techniques  based on SAP products.

Our Team

Obviously, our business is based on people, their experience, knowledge and skills.  To be able to operate we build up  our business on a balanced team which includes:

  • SAP consultants.
  • Professional auditors, tax and financial consultants.
  • Professional management consultants.

Majority of our employees are involved in different professional education activities with Moscow University Business School.


Our customers include well-known international and local companies operating in FMCG, pharmaceuticals, entertainment. Also we operate as a subcontractor for leading consulting firms. Our references are available on request.